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The "Biomass Energy Service Company Ltd" (ESCO-B, Ltd) has been formed


EU TACIS Project "Support and Development of Renewable Sources of Energy (Biomass) - Ukraine", which is implemented in cooperation with the National Agency of Ukraine on Ensuring of Efficient Energy Resources Management (NAER) and the European Commission Delegation (ECD), is pleased to announce that the Founding Shareholders of the "Biomass Energy Service Company, Ltd." (ESCO-B, Ltd.) have signed the Statutory Documents.

The establishment of the ESCO-B in the biomass energy sector was supported by both the European Commission in the framework of the Project, Service Contract 2005/100-604, and the NAER that was the Project Partner representing the Government of Ukraine. The ESCO-B has been formed and starts operating as an independent Limited Liability Company, domiciled in Ukraine and wholly owned by the Founding Shareholders as listed below that are private companies:

  • "PivdenTeploEnergoMontage (UTEM), OJSC", Kyiv, Ukraine
  • "Trading House Kriger, Ltd.", Zhytomyr, Ukraine
  • "RICA-Biofuels, Ltd.", Kyiv, Ukraine

    The structure of this start-up business follows the prevailing business structure of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) operating in Western, Central and Eastern Europe and North America. The ESCO-B will provide energy supply or saving services to its clients by implementing, at its own or other party's expense, capital investments for energy equipment in the clients' premises and thereby reducing their energy cost and/or consumption. The ESCO-B will be repaid from the realized cost savings.

    The ESCO-B's Legal Address and Contact Detail:
    ESCO-B, Ltd.
    27 Pushkinska St., Kyiv, 01601 Ukraine
    Phone/Fax: (+380 44) 234 9961, 234 1211
    General Director: Mr. Alexander Kurkin

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